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The ARGP Series 800XB garden pump is your guarantee of high performance. With an 800 W motor, it can deliver up to 3,500 litres of water an hour and pump water from a depth of up to 8 metres and lift it up to 38 metres.

This self-priming surface pump is built with a stainless steel crankcase for optimal corrosion protection and has a carbon steel tank with capacity of 19 litres. This tank ensures a good water reserve, and the pressure inside it can be constantly monitored thanks to the integral pressure gauge.

The ARGP Series 800XB garden pump, designed to pump clean water, is ideal for multiple uses: with this model you can pump non-drinking water from wells, tanks and water butts for use for automatic watering or to supply household appliances and sanitary fittings.

The motor’s thermal cutout and splash protection ensure it will be both reliable and durable, while the convenient grip in the top of the pump makes it easy and convenient to move around. The base of the unit can be easily screw-mounted on a shelf, particularly useful when the unit is installed in the home, such as next to an appliance.


Automatic irrigation

Water supply


Fitting dimensions

Self-priming automatic ON/OFF

Stainless steel pump head

Table mounting



AR Code 51989
Model 800XB
EAN Code 8016287519892
Absorbed power (W) 800
Max flow rate (l/h) 3500
Max delivery head (m) 38
Max suction height (m) 8
Fitting diameter G1''
Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Max inlet water temperature (°C) 35
Water resistance IP X4
Net weight (kg) 10.9
Unit size (mm) LxWxH 400X270X510
Gross weight (Kg) 12,2
Packaging size (mm) LxWxH 485X300X550
Pallet qty 18
20 feet container qty 350
40 feet container qty 730
Truck qty 594

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MR BLUE CLEAN Expert opinion

A product such as the ARGP Series 800XB garden pump is ideal for supplying the automatic watering system of a vegetable plot or lawn. With its excellent performances, this unit lets you irrigate your garden by simply recycling rainwater from tanks or wells even some distance under ground. To ensure top performances and protect your pump from any dirt or debris, you are advised to fit the optional prefilter between the intake hose and the pump inlet.