Annovi Reverberi Blue Clean is the home and professional cleaning product line of the Annovi Reverberi group, a specialist manufacturer of low, medium and high pressure pumps. The AR Blue Clean product range, created in 2006, includes high pressure washers, vacuum cleaners, water pumps and a wide selection of accessories to meet every cleaning need. From the maintenance of outdoor areas, such as floors, patios and swimming pools, to professional use, AR Blue Clean offers effective, functional tools, the result of expertise gained from over half a century of experience.

Our strength? Knowing how to combine made in Italy craftsmanship and innovation, providing products that always meet the consumer’s needs.

This is exemplified by the high pressure washers with DUAL technology, designed and patented by Annovi Reverberi. Thanks to their integral dual function, which enables their performance to be modulated, these models cover a wide range of applications and meet any cleaning needs with a single product.

The creation of Annovi Reverberi Blue Clean

The efficiency of Annovi Reverberi Blue Clean products is grounded in the experience gained from over sixty years in business, since Corrado Reverberi and Umberto Annovi founded Annovi Reverberi S.p.A. in Modena in 1958. The company initially focused on the production of diaphragm pumps for agriculture, adding industrial piston pumps in the Seventies. In the Nineties, the experience gained in the industrial sector allowed us to take another step forward, with the introduction of the Cleaning Division for the manufacturing of high pressure washers. This segment has grown significantly over the years, in terms of both products and licensed brands, thanks to our ability to offer solutions that satisfy the market’s needs and the Annovi Reverberi group’s famously high quality.

In 2006 we took another step forward in the Cleaning sector with the creation of the Annovi Reverberi Blue Clean brand. The line was quickly able to establish itself in the marketplace and spread into specialised markets, both in Italy and abroad, earning the trust of consumers with an increasingly complete and well-equipped selection of products. Hot water high pressure washers, ideal for the most stubborn dirt, were added to the cold water models in 2007, while the first vacuum cleaners and ash vacuum cleaners hit the market in 2014-2015. In the meantime, AR Blue Clean also conquered the U.S. market with a dedicated line of products, confirming the international nature of the Annovi Reverberi group, currently present in 5 continents and more than 100 countries.

Specific, customised solutions

To provide the ideal solution for every need: this is the goal of Annovi Reverberi Blue Clean, which puts attention to detail and guaranteed performance as its top priorities, always offering you the right tools for every need. This approach starts with high pressure washers, the flagship item in the line, available in two different versions: Home & Garden, for indoor and outdoor domestic use, and Professional for professional use, both with a wide selection of accessories. Different lines for specific applications, but one common denominator: reliability, quality and ease of use.
We used these same qualities to design and develop our vacuum cleaners, irreplaceable allies against various types of both solid and liquid dirt. With versatile, compact and powerful motors, AR Blue Clean vacuum cleaners are also suitable for small spaces and make keeping your home clean easy. Submersible and self-priming water pumps, ideal for draining flooded premises or for easy, practical garden watering, have recently been added to complete the line.”

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