High pressure washers

AR Blue Clean Professional high pressure washers are very high-performing machines that withstand continual heavy-duty use. A complete range, comprising cold water, hot water and internal combustion engine high pressure washers, to meet the needs of various industrial sectors (construction, agriculture, artisans, automotive and food). Each of them requires excellent performance but modes of use are often different: thanks to our three categories, we are able to meet every need. AR Blue Clean professional high pressure washers are fitted with pumps designed in Italy by Annovi Reverberi and benefit from the company’s decades of experience in high pressure pump production. Built only from quality materials, they guarantee unbeatable power, strength and reliability.

cold water high pressure washers

Designed to withstand continual heavy-duty use, they guarantee high performance, reliability and fast operation.

hot water high pressure washers

With hot water and high pressure, they meet the most extreme sanitisation and dirt removal requirements.

internal combustion engine high pressure washers

Independent from the electrical power supply, they provide unbeatable flexibility and agility and outstanding performance.