A complete range to meet the various working needs of professionals who need reliability, high performance and fast operation. In other words, Annovi Reverberi quality. This is the common denominator of the AR Blue Clean professional range of high pressure washers and vacuum cleaners. Thanks to their high quality construction materials, they withstand continual use, even in heavy-duty conditions, and shift the toughest dirt. To help you to choose the right products for your needs, they are divided into two categories: LIGHT PRO (for fairly frequent cleaning jobs with good washing/cleaning capacity) and HEAVY PRO (for very frequent uses with the most challenging demands).

cold water high pressure washers

Designed to withstand continual heavy-duty use, they guarantee high performance, reliability and fast operation.

hot water high pressure washers

With hot water and high pressure, they meet the most extreme sanitisation and dirt removal requirements.

internal combustion engine high pressure washers

Independent from the electrical power supply, they provide unbeatable flexibility and agility and outstanding performance.

vacuum cleaners

Able to remove every kind of solid and liquid dirt, they are extremely agile and provide performance tailored to professionals’ and artisans’ needs.


A vast range of accessories to facilitate all professionals’ and artisans’ cleaning jobs.