How long does the warranty last? How can I manage the maintenance of the products I’ve purchased? How do I choose the right accessories and cleaners for me? Here are Annovi Reverberi’s answers to these and other frequently asked questions.

Frequently asked questions

How long does the product warranty last and what does it cover?
The warranty lasts 2 years for retail and one year for business customers. The warranty is calculated from the purchase data stated on the receipt.
Annovi Reverberi complies with European Directive 1999/44/EC, under which anyone purchasing a product with a receipt or invoice made out to a natural person is entitled to 24 months of warranty cover. In case of purchases specifying the VAT number or tax code of a business in the invoice, the warranty cover lasts 12 months.

Who should I contact if the product develops a fault during the warranty period?
You can contact one of the many Annovi Reverberi Service Centres nationwide across Italy. Here is the full list:
In order to exercise your right to warranty cover, you must display the original, legible, intact proof of purchase.

Who should I contact if the high pressure washer or vacuum cleaner develops a fault after the warranty has expired?
Annovi Reverberi Service Centres are there to help you even after the end of the warranty period, although in this case you will be required to pay for the repair. To find your nearest centre, consult the list at:

SWhat are the correct maintenance/end-of-season storage procedures?
You will find instructions for correct maintenance of AR Blue Clean products in the instruction manual provided in all packs. Please turn to the specific sections for particular recommendations for high pressure washers and vacuum cleaners. However, in general, all AR Blue Clean products should be stored indoors, in dry places protected from frost, where the temperature does not fall below 0°C.

What is the Blue Clean Level?
The Blue Clean Level is a tool we’ve optimised on the basis of our experience to help you to choose the best product for your cleaning needs, and also to advise you on the right set of accessories in terms of technical properties, looks and convenience. To assess the Blue Clean Level we analyse, for example, ease of use, compactness, convenience, weight, noise and manoeuvrability.

High pressure washers

What does maintenance involve?
We advise you to clean the water filter regularly to remove any dirt which may build up, and to replace it with a new filter regularly.
It is also a good idea to clean the wash nozzles with the metal pin supplied attached to the back of the instruction manual.
For high pressure washers with integral hose reel, we advise against using the machine with the hose wound. After use, do not rewind the hose until all pressure has been discharged.

How do I discharge pressure?
There are three steps in the pressure discharge process:
1. disconnect the high pressure washer from the water tap;
2. switch the machine off;
3. press the trigger gun until all pressure has been discharged.

What must I do before putting the high pressure washer away?
After using the high pressure washer, drain the water from the high pressure hose. To do this, turn off the water tap, turn on the high pressure washer and press the trigger gun for about 30 seconds. This will expel all the water and make sure that none remains inside the hose.

What’s the difference between a hot water and a cold water high pressure washer??
There’s a big difference, due to the combination of the mechanical force of the jet (pressure and flow rate) and the temperature difference generated by the high pressure washer’s internal boiler. The boiler heats the water to a temperature of up to 150°C, adding the grease removal force of heat to that of the pressurised jet. Hot water high pressure washers are therefore more powerful, and are recommended in particular for washing vehicles and industrial and agricultural equipment.

What’s the right distance between the high pressure washer and the surface for cleaning?
The distance may vary depending on the strength of the jet and the type of surface to be cleaned. We advise always maintaining a safe distance of about 20/30 cm from the washing point, especially if the surface is particularly delicate or liable to crumble.

What kind of adapter do I need to connect high pressure washers to taps?
All you need is a kit containing the quick connection hose tail tap connector, with open inlet and with stop system for the high pressure washer inlet, widely available on the market.

Can I adjust the high pressure washer’s pressure?
Yes, if your model is fitted with a pressure regulator. This directly adjusts the pump’s delivery pressure.
If the high pressure washer cleaner you’ve purchased does not have a pressure regulator, you can still regulate the force of the jet using a fixed or fan adjustable jet nozzle.

Can high pressure washers be supplied with hot water?
No, using water at a temperature over 50°C could damage the pump’s internal components. It’s therefore best to use domestic mains water, usually supplied at a suitable temperature (around 20°C).

Can I use a high pressure washer for cleaning an indoor floor?
No, AR Blue Clean high pressure washers are designed for use outdoors, where they are suitable for various surfaces. For in-depth cleaning, we advise use of the specific detergents for each type of material.

Which accessories are included?
The pack of every high pressure washer contains a number of accessories, while others are optional and can be purchased separately. To discover which accessories are supplied with your high pressure washer, visit the specific page.

Which detergents can I use?
There are no restrictions on the use of detergents with high pressure washers; please visit the specific section to view our own range.

What should I do if the high pressure washer operates in bursts?
We advise you to contact a service centre.

Vacuum cleaners

What does vacuum cleaner maintenance involve?
It’s fundamental to keep an eye on filters, which must be changed regularly. If the vacuum cleaner model you’ve purchased has a washable filter, it must be allowed to dry completely before it is refitted.

How do I find out which accessories are included?
Every product information sheet contains full details of the accessories included in the pack; for other accessories, we advise you to visit the specific page.

Can I use vacuum cleaners for cleaning outdoors?
Vacuum cleaners may be used for cleaning balconies, animal cages and beds, and small work sites. They’re not suitable for large outdoor areas, and ideally they’re for indoor use, including for garages, basements and attics, as well as the upholstery of car interiors and sofas. However, their BLOW function means they can be used to tidy dry leaves into heaps.