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Annovi Reverberi 613 is a high-performance professional cold water high pressure washer.

The technical properties and its robust components, such as the powerful induction motor and the brass pump head, make the AR Blue Clean 613 perfect for craftsmen and for professionals working in the construction and agricultural sectors, areas where machines that can take on large surfaces and withstand long work shifts are required.

With an extraordinary flow rate of 500 l/h, 2.5 kWof power and a maximum pressure of 150 bar, which can be adjusted using the special pressure regulator, the Annovi Reverberi 613 can fully meet these requirements.

This machine is also equipped with a suction hose that can automatically withdraw detergent from an external container.

  • Extremely versatile high pressure washer: it can be used on its own, mounted on the special two-wheeled trolley for easier transport, or hung on a wall using the special mounting unit
  • High performance professional high pressurewasher thanks to its powerful, quiet running and reliable induction motor
  • Built with very high quality materialslike the brass pump head and equipped with professional level accessories: 10 metre reinforced hose, trigger gun with brass thread connection and metal lance.
  • The pump pressure is displayed on the special pressure gauge and it can be regulated based on the cleaning job to be performed



Agriculture zootechny



Brass head

Cold water

Induction engine

Max temperature

Rod-crank pump

Total Stop System

Water resistance

self priming function



AR Code 13975
Model 613
EAN Code 8016287139755
Max pressure (bar) 150
Max flow rate (l/h) 500
Absorbed power (kW) 2,5
Revolutions / min (rpm) 2800
Voltage (V) 220-240
Frequency (Hz) 50
Max inlet water temperature (°C) 60
Net weight (kg) 16.8
Unit size (mm) LxWxH 434x275x263
Gross weight (Kg) 20.3
Packaging size (mm) LxWxH 300x500x420
Pallet qty 24
20 feet container qty 264
40 feet container qty 576
Truck qty 792

Pump Details

23851 HPV-O

  • Triplex pump with tempered stainless steel ceramic coated pistons and connecting rod system with aluminum pump head

  • Automatic by-pass valve with pump head pressure discharge

  • Single-phase induction motor with thermal protection

  • Remote control for total shut-down of high pressure washer

  • Inlet water suction from tank by self priming function


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1 high pressure washer, 3 different ways of using it

This high pressure washer is extremely versatile and can be used in three different ways:


On its own, as a portable high pressure washer, thanks to its reduced size and large upper handle.


With the trolley kit, for agile mobility during cleaning jobs. As well as the trolley, you can also purchase the hose reel kit which fits onto it. You can choose between the version that includes a 15 metre hose (code 41879) or the version without high pressure hose (code 41738).


Combined with the wall mounting unit (sold separately), which includes a hose reel kit. This accessory is ideal if you wish to use the high pressure washer in a fixed washing station. You can choose between the version complete with 15 metre high pressure hose (code 41880) or the version without high pressure hose (code 41739).

MR BLUE CLEAN Expert opinion

If the high pressure washer cannot be connected to the mains water supply, the Annovi Reverberi 613 can still be used by means of the self-priming function, which allows the machine to take in water from storage containers.