BC250 DSS Battery Water Cleaner

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BC250 DSS is the convenient, lightweight battery-powered portable high pressure washer which operates without mains water or electricity. It cleans outdoor surfaces effectively with its high pressure water jet with no need for long power cables: just connect it to any freshwater source, such as a swimming-pool, a pond or even a bucket, and it is ready to use straight away. This makes it perfect not only for cleaning small and medium-sized surfaces outside the home but also in many outdoor living situations such as camping, on excursions or for washing vehicles during journeys.

The lithium battery (18 V) is rechargeable and powers 21 min of operation (charger with power cable supplied). The charge level can be checked at all times during use thanks to the gauge on the battery itself.

The BC250 DSS features the Annovi Reverberi Dual Speed System, with which the battery water cleaner output can be modulated to suit cleaning needs using the button provided.

ECO SPEED mode provides lighter washing suitable for cleaning garden furniture, outdoor textiles, bicycles and small outdoor surfaces. This mode uses 50% less water and energy.

MAX SPEED mode, on the other hand, is recommended for more intensive, in-depth cleaning of motorbikes, cars and motorhomes and on large outdoor surfaces. This option can be selected to use the portable high pressure washer at its maximum power.

Supplied complete with:

  • 4 in 1 nozzle: allows the jet to be switched from adjustable (0°, 20°, 60°), recommended for light cleaning of delicate surfaces, to rotary, perfect for the toughest, most hard-set dirt.
  • Twin trigger gun extension: two extensions which can be fitted to the trigger gun via click-fast connection and together enable washing of even the highest and most inaccessible surfaces. The battery water cleaner can also be used with just one extension or on its own, with the nozzle fitted straight onto its end. This allows close-up, very convenient washing of garden equipment like a barbecue grid or outdoor furniture.
  • Foam lance bottle kit: plastic bottle that can be fitted directly to the trigger gun. With this kit, detergent can be applied to the surface for cleaning.
  • Self-priming kit: with hose 4 metres long, it allows the water needed for washing to be drawn from any source within reach of the hose, such as tanks, buckets or water butts. However, the machine can also be connected directly to the mains water supply.









Aluminum head

Max temperature

Wobble plate pump

self priming function



AR Code 15389
Model BC250 DSS
EAN Code 8016287153898
Max pressure (bar) 24
Max flow rate (l/h) 175
Voltage (V) 18
Tempo di utilizzo (min) 21
Net weight (kg) 1,8


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