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42 Series 4200L is the compact professional vacuum cleaner for cleaning and washing upholstered items like armchairs and sofas, textiles, mattresses and car interiors.

With power of 1400W, a vacuum of 23.5 KpA and air suction of 59.7 l/s, it removes the toughest dirt easily and at high speed.

To use it:

  • place the specific detergent in the tank provided at the bottom of the vacuum cleaner (capacity 8 l) and connect the detergent hose to the “IN” connection on the back of the machine;
  • connect one end of the suction hose to the vacuum cleaner and the other end to the brush body;
  • connect one end of the hydrolysis-resistant hose (incorporated in the suction hose) to the detergent outlet (“OUT” connection) on the front of the vacuum cleaner;
  • connect the other end of the hydrolysis-resistant hose to the brush body.

The green button on the lid operates the detergent intake pump; detergent is drawn in from the tank, passes through the hydrolysis-resistant hose and is distributed on the surface for cleaning by pressure on the lever underneath the brush body; the red button activates suction of the detergent and the dirt, leaving the area clean and dry.

42 Series 4200L is a multifunction vacuum cleaner since it can be used in 3 different operating modes:

  • Vacuum removal of solids: for the removal of solid dirt as the first cleaning step (for suction in this mode, remember to disconnect the hydrolysis-resistant hose from the brush body);
  • Cleaning of the dirtiest surfaces with the appropriate detergent, which must be left to act and then removed via suction;
  • Simultaneous delivery and suction of detergent.

Detergent is distributed with flow rate of 0.8 l/m, pressure of 2 bar and power of 48 W.

The tank has capacity of 36 litres and is in tough, durable plastic. The quick connection/release hinges facilitate lid removal and thus tank emptying.

This professional vacuum cleaner contains a two-stage motor that sucks in and expels air in two different phases, generating a stronger vacuum which means even more powerful suction, necessary to shift the most stubborn dirt.

With its 2 rear wheels with rubber tread and 2 front castor wheels, the 4200L compact professional vacuum cleaner is agile and easy to move around even when the tank is full of solid or liquid dirt, making the user’s job easier.

Supplied complete with: suction and hydrolysis-resistant hose, carpet brush body and sponge filter for liquids.



Car Wash







AR Code 51289
Model 4200 L
EAN Code 8016287512893
Max power consumption (W) 1400
Tank capacity (l) 36
Accessories diameter (mm) 40
Inlet air (l/s) 59.7
Vacuum pressure (KpA) 23.5
Voltage (V) 230
Frequency (Hz) 50
Loudness dB (A) 60
Engine n° 1
Engine stages 2
Power tool socket no
Net weight (kg) 14
Unit size (mm) LxWxH 400x400x800
Gross weight (Kg)
Packaging size (mm) LxWxH 415x415x820
Pallet qty 15
20 feet container qty 168
40 feet container qty 336
Truck qty 495


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